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HOT AIR BALLOONING in UTAH - Our HIGH ALTITUDE, Luxury Balloon Flights are scheduled YEAR ROUND at sunrise (good weather required)

About Hot Air Ballooning in Utah: Ballooning is by far the best way to see Utah's beauty in the shortest amount of time possible. It is the safest form of aviation. Flying in a hot air balloon is an unparallel experience, and 200 years after the first flight, it is still hot air that keeps us aloft, fading the limits of time and space.

The Latest Flight Images from our HIGH ALTITUDE BALLOON FLIGHTS can be found on our Google PLus Page:

Park City Hot Air Balloon Rides Unsurpassed mountain flying, our most requested and rewarding location, closest to Salt Lake City. Complete Park City Hot Air Ballooning Info - Park City Ballooning Pictures & Park City Hot Air Balloon Ride VIDEO

Heber City, Utah Closest to Provo, Utah. The valley is nick named "Little Switzerland"... Complete Heber City Ballooning Info - Heber City Ballooning Pictures

Ogden, Utah Covering the northern part of Salt Lake, our flights take place in Eden Valley - closest to Snowbasin Ski resort. Ogden / Snowbasin Ballooning Info - Ogden Valley Ballooning Pictures

Saint George, Utah Our most southern Utah Ballooning location, Las Vegas and Zion National Park close by. Saint George Ballooning Info - Saint George Ballooning Pictures

Want more information about our balloon rides? Please see Utah Ballooning Frequently Asked Questions

Utah's Ballooning Seasons: We can fly a thousand times in the same place, and we will have a thousand different flights. Each Season has it's own character, the land we fly over never looks the same.
Spring: Cold mornings flights reveal an awakening landscape, partly covered under a white blanket of snow, Meeting time around 7 a.m. - 7.30 a.m.
Ballooning Park City in Summer

Ballooning in Summer: Pleasantly cool temperatures in the morning. All shades of green and blue, 6 a.m. - 6. 30 a.m. meeting times, most stable weather conditions

Park City Summer Ballooning Example:Several thousand feet over Swaner Nature Preserve, looking south towards Park Meadows, Park City old town, and Deer Valley ski resort.

Ballooning Park City in Fall

Ballooning in Fall: Breathtaking Fall colors, 7 a.m. - 7. 30 a.m. meeting times, stable weather conditions (Our favorite time to fly)

Park City Autum Ballooning Example: Several thousand feet over Swaner Nature Preserve, looking south towards Park Meadows, Park City old town, and Deer Valley ski resort.


Ballooning Park City in Winter

Ballooning in Winter: Cold mornings, the most surreal of all ballooning seasons, Highest altitudes reached. 7. 30 a.m. - 8 a.m. meeting time, hit and miss weather conditions

Park City Winter Ballooning Example: Several thousand feet over Swaner Nature Preserve, looking south towards Park Meadows, Park City old town, and Deer Valley ski resort.

If you are intersted please call our team at 801-824-3934

Ballooning Itinerary: Your adventure starts right here. Call us or visit our secure reservation page to get your excitement going. After making a reservation we will arrange for a meeting point and a meeting time, usually right after sunrise. After a hearty greet you will either board our vehicles, or follow us in yours. A short drive takes us to our launch site, where a black helium filled balloon (Pi-Ball) ascending into the sky tells us where we will be heading. Our crew starts to unload the balloon form the trailer. You are welcome to get engaged in the process, or just watch our professional crew get the balloon ready, typically this takes about 15 - 20 min. As the balloon is being filled with cold air by the means of a fan, the pilot takes all required steps to ensure a safe flight. Our excitement increases as the burners are turned on. "Wooooosh" - Blasts of hot air make the envelope rise. After a short safety briefing it is time to climb in the basket. The lift off is so gentle, that you might not even realize we are up in the air. The gondola remains stable through out the flight. We always strive to gain high altitudes ( up to 7000 feet ) to get the anticipated aerial impressions, and contour the landscapes only inches off the ground. We navigate by using winds out of different directions at different altitudes. We are airborne for about one hour. After navigating to safe landing site, it is time to watch the pilot and crew work together. Once the ground is touched the pilot will ask you to step out of the basket, and again you are welcome to get engaged in the whole process by helping us or just stand back and enjoy the majestic balloon come down and being packed. A typical european style after flight celebration follows the flight. Champagne or cider in crystal flutes , white table cloth, the breathtaking scenery, and the memories lasting a life's time make for an experience you would not want to miss.

  1. Our Ballooning Locations: - See all our launch sites on our Utah Ballooning Map
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