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UTAH COMMERCIAL BALLOONING - We specialize in a wide range of operations. Tethered Balloon Flights for Rides and Banner Display, Photo & Film Shootings, Stage Flights

Tethered Balloon Operations
Tethering a balloon is an excellent mean for parties and events and displaying banners. Imagine a 70 foot tall balloon 150 feet up in the air - it will draw people's attention. On a tether for rides we can get a maximum of 50 people per hour up. We can display a banner, glow the balloon at night, or have your guests take a tethered balloon ride.

There are many possibilities for putting our balloons to work for you, with over 20 years experience, we are the right partner for you.

A wide, open area, free of obstructions and free of downwind hazards works best. With tether lines up to 200 feet in length, we need to clear a 250 foot area downwind.
To tether a balloon takes far more effort and crew than a regular balloon flight. This is represented in the rates. All tethered balloon operations will be individually planned and quoted.
Personal Quotes are standard for determining the final rate.

Call our team today: 801-824-3934

Commercial Photo Shoots

A balloon is also perfectly suitable for Photo shoots, it can be used either for equipment staging purposes, or to take advantage of the unrestricted views, the rock stable gondola,and the impact of morning light for aerial photography Personal Quotes are standard.

Commercial Ballooning Reference - Tommy Hilfiger Production 2006

Commercial Photo Shoot

Call our team today: 801-824-3934

Film and Video Productions

The commercial value of a hot air balloon is still priceless, there are many, many possibilities that we gladly discuss with you. Personal Quotes are standard for determining a rate.

Commercial Film Production

Call our team today: 801-824-3934

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